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mian esperanton es tre malbonan

Even though you can’t see the puck, this is a beautiful thing (click to enlarge):

Approach... Shoots... Scores!

(Leafs center Nieuwendyk scoring against Senators goalie Lalime)

At times like these, all I can say is long live the glorious kolkhoz peasantry, active builders of Communism!


cxu la filo forgesis la cxokoladon?

To celebrate the fact that I have finished the last paper of my undergraduate career (barring an unforseen but entirely possible disaster), I present what is possibly the least useful diagram I have ever seen, discovered during research for my penultimate paper, which had hopefully better formed sentences than the one I am currently writing, which is very long:

Bewildering Diagram

And, in an action which pushes this page ever further into the blogginess I had so wished to avoid, I am posting a picture of an award given to me at this year’s Annual General Meeting of the Trinity College Literary Institute. Considering the general lack of awards in my CV (academic and otherwise), I found this really rather pleasant.

Also, this remains not a blog. Also, a tin teardrop.


kio estas tio?

I am not updating this website because I am hard at work, as this picture illustrates:

busy typing

Also, some work has been done on non-public parts of this site that may yet become public.


birdo kaptas insekton

Inuktitut phrase of the day: Qimuksikkuurumavunga. (“I want to go by dogteam.”)

The New Year brings with it the possibility of enhancements to this page — a foolish endeavour, admittedly, as the audience of this page is almost certainly exactly one (1). That is to say, I am making this page for my own amusement, and it is unlikely that anyone else reads it. I’d like to say “hello” to myself, if you don’t mind (I don’t).

“Hello!” (hello)

If you are not me, and would like to let me know, please do so. Thank you kindly.


finu la rugxan teroron!

I entirely dislike the idea of having a blog. Other people may blog, and such blogs may entertain me, but I, for one, do not wish to join the ranks of bloggers.


renversu imperiistan anglan idiomon!

THIS IS an only slightly less boring page than what was here before, now with an objectionable colour scheme. It is slightly less boring in that it now attempts to comply with HTML 4.01 transitional, rather than HTML 2.0. It is therefore 2.01 times more likely to look mangled in the browser of your choice!

Despite my efforts to update this page to HTML 4.01, the page remains antiquated, as that standard is also outdated. This is further proof of the fact that I am NOT a computer science or engineering student.

More to the point, however, is the fact that



Here is a picture of what I think is the station from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


My favourite part is when Darth Vader says, “Evacuate? In our moment of triumph? I think you overestimate their chances!”. It’s a really great show!

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