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(atinlay otentiallypay estionablequay)

It’s now late April, which makes this the largest gap in updating in some time. In order to make it seem somewhat worthwhile, I have made public a general re-design of the site I did a while back. It’s hardly wonderful, but I was getting tired of the old look. It looks best if you have the (quite lovely) fonts Baskerville and Didot installed, but is entirely usable without them.

Unfortunately, while the colours on this page are intended to be fairly neutral browns, they show up as electric oranges on some computers. Internet Explorer on Windows further complicates matters by adding a few extra pixels to the right of the page, just for fun. In any case, the plan is to eventually change the photo pages and other bits to fit in with the new look, but that may never happen. Comments are welcome.

New photo galleries:

Beijing & Harbin
Beijing/Harbin in January
Misc. Beijing
Misc. Beijing

“but my brother esau is an hairy man”

Take a Pew

Following the last update, technical problems sprang forth and set upon us with viciousness. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Quite a few pictures were taken, but putting them online was altogether more annoying. The technical issues have been solved, though this should not be taken as a sign that updates will necessarily be much more frequent.

I have been presented with a book entitled “The Dictionary of Disagreeable English”. The book would surely disagree with the extensive use of the passive voice on this page. However, as it is central to the overall sense of mystery that makes this website what it is, the passive voice cannot be avoided.

What can be avoided is poor e-mail etiquette. Mr. Kawasaki has kindly allowed me to reproduce his old MacWeek article here.


i brought nylons from new york

One of my neighbours enjoys shouting from her balcony. It always sounds like this or this. Sometimes it is louder, sometimes quieter. She has started as early as 5 am, and sometimes goes well into the night. At around 9:30pm today, she started singing, which was preferable to the shouting. Unfortunately, the singing was continually interrupted by her practicing her spitting technique.

I have been alerted to the fact that proper blogs exist which do not accept comments; this startling development would suggest that this site is indeed a blog. However, while it may resemble a blog in form, it subtly rebels against blogs in spirit. Therefore, while exhibiting many of the features of a blog, it is not, as such, a blog itself.


i have found a fantastic dictionary (non-esperanto)

Beijing was rather polluted today. Inspired by this, I have delved into differences between pollution ratings in two large Chinese cities (Hong Kong and Beijing). My delving was not very rigorous — no rigour involved, really — and should not be relied on for anything other than general amusement.

This week, I baked:


(click to enlarge)

I continue to fight against this becoming a blog. It is an amorphously defined fight, but a fight nonetheless. In any case, it can’t be a real blog until people can post comments, and for the forseeable future I will lack both the technical knowledge and the emotional fortitude to implement such a feature.


esperanto is shi4 jie4 yu3 in mandarin

These photos are more meaningful if you know what they mean!

Edit: In retrospect, that doesn’t sound very nice. These are photos of a street sharing my name, the exterior of my apartment, and of my living room.

An De Lu Exterior Shot A Living Room

(as usual, click to enlarge)