Shanghai Lester School & Technical Institute

Discovered today on a bike ride – the former Lester School & Technical Institute, now the Shanghai Seamen’s Hospital. The rest of the neighbourhood isn’t in great shape; quite a bit has been torn down for the (extremely convenient) Xinjian Lu tunnel to Pudong. Hopefully this one, at least, can be preserved:


3 thoughts on “Shanghai Lester School & Technical Institute”

  1. Nice photographs, well done :-)

    I am a photographer / artist based in Shanghai for the next month or so. I have spent many hours at the Lester Institute, mainly at night when the the place takes on a whole new personality. With the help of a friend who works in the Shanghai Central Library archives, managed to find out that the Lester Institute has had several incarnations. Obviously as a school, then — then in the 60s as home for the insane — and finally as a hospital. The pond at the back, complete with cherub apparently strangling a swan is both enchanting and disturbing at the same time ;-)

    Do drop me a line if you would like to meet up one day for a day or night shoot.

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