Don’t believe a word

Any visitors to this blog (there, I’ve said it) have no doubt noticed a distinct lack of activity in recent months. That’s mostly due to my resources being focused on this magazine and blog. Much to my surprise, however, I’ve found this site continuing to draw a steady stream of visitors.

Worryingly, many — particularly over the Olympics — seem to have come to view my inaccurate and generally useless “analysis” of air pollution indices in Hong Kong and Beijing. I tracked down the origin of many of those visitors to Wikipedia’s Air Pollution Index page. Apparently, someone thought that a random entry on a blog, prefaced by an explicit warning not to rely on the subsequent information, was a good source of information on the topic.

I like Wikipedia (I particularly enjoyed reading that the Shanghai World Financial Center was built “on the dreams of a few ‘Nam vets” — a phrase that has since been removed), and the fact that the entry on APIs was changed (not by me) is a good sign that the Wikipedia model generally works. But I still don’t quite understand how someone would add my API discussion in the first place. And thanks to its brief spot on Wikipedia, that page is now the top search result on Google for air pollution index beijing. Yikes!