Beijing fireworks

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, I was fortunate to be invited to stay at the home of a Chinese friend of mine in Eastern Beijing. In preparation for the holiday, his family had bought a veritable arsenal of fireworks, which we all proceeded to set alight with little regard for personal safety. I shot two videos, which nicely capture the feeling of the evening.

The first shows another friend dropping a rather large explosive the wrong way down the firing tube. Listen for the “Aiyo!” shortly after the first explosion, an exclamation filled with the certainty of impending disaster.

Video 1 (11.5MB MPEG)

The second was taken several hours later, at one minute before midnight, when the whole city seemed to be exploding.

Video 2 (15.4MB MPEG)

The videos are large, but I have been unable to satisfactorily compress them. If there is enough demand, I will try again.

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Update: There is not enough demand.


2 thoughts on “Beijing fireworks”

  1. Glad you enjoyed them. I used my camera’s “infrared” mode to shoot, which explains the graininess and lack of colour — fortunately, I think it adds to the Baghdad effect. Unfortunately, the video of a multiple-stage rocket blaster falling over and shooting into the surrounding buildings didn’t turn out since we were all too busy running for cover.

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